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An introduction to the Bike and Park Blog

Posted by: Bike Admin on February 10, 2012

Bikers and cyclist on the internet are connected to large resources of information for every aspect of the cycling lifestyle. So why another blog? What can Bike and Park possibly add to this plethora of information?

The City of Chicago is at a unique turning point in transportation and what that means for cyclists. The numbers say it all; the amount of people commuting to work in the past ten years has doubled. Bikes are edging their way in as a legitimate, marketable, and measurable form of transportation. The City of Chicago is answering this by increasing the number of bike lanes, protected lanes and bike paths.

The cyclists in our fair city are as different and diverse as Chicagoans come. We are gathered up here from all different parts of the country, from different back grounds and walks of life. Yet, once you pick up a bike and start riding all of a sudden we have something in common. All of a sudden we have a way of recognizing one another as a fellow human beings; students, hipsters, fashionistas, corporate workers and homemakers, hardcore road cyclists, or sunny day riders. We all have something that makes us a community. We like to bike.

In short, Bike and Park Chicago is dedicated to the needs of cyclist in Chicago and to creating a community out of a very diverse group of people. As Chicago’s infrastructure changes, we will be changing right alongside it. As an advocate for cycling in Chicago, we have a responsibility to be a resource to our members, to be as educated and aware as they are to Chicago’s changing infrastructure and cycling needs.

So why another blog?

  • To provide up to date news content for readers in the Chicago area

  • To bring observations, voices and opinions from our community of cyclists

  • To promote other blogs, articles, books, magazines and resources that contribute to the cyclists lifestyle  

Stay calm and cycle on!


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