Top 3 Commuter Survival Tips From The Pros:
  • 1. Pack List

    Planning and test riding your route will save you time and keep you safe. A good start is to take a look at the city bike map and identify the bike lanes and paths. You can also go online and use bike mapping tools like: and . Once you establish a route you can share it with others at

  • 2. Write Your Commuter Checklist

    Create a checklist for all the items you may need during and after your commute. Items such as clothing for the ride and after, rain gear, gloves, tools and replacement tube, pump, helmet, lock, lights, water bottle, snack bar, and other items that will make your commute easier.

  • 3. Share with others

    We often hear from bike commuters that one of the best sources of information is other bike commuters. Whether its talking gear, routes, or weather; chatting with other riders helps make you a more informed commuter and part of the community.

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