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Chicago Streets for Cycling Plan 2020

Posted by: Bike Admin on February 13, 2012

Have you checked out Streets for Cycling Plan 2020?

If you haven’t check out the proposed routes you can do so online (

The city plans to increase the number of bike lanes and protected bike ways. Come to the meeting if you can; this is a great way to advocate for bikes. Tell CDOT about your commute, why you love it or why you don’t. What are the dangers and inconveniences of existing bike routes? Which are the routes you love and can’t live without? 

If you can’t come to this last meeting please check out Streets for Cycling Plan 2020 on Facebook or e-mail Next time you are out on your ride home consider riding on some of the proposed streets. Let the city know what challenges and benefits might come out of these recommendations.   

Get on your bikes and ride!



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